Currently typing this as I wait rather impatiently for my AAAA records to update so this shop can finally go live!

It's been one wild ride setting up my own shop, I can tell you that for a fact!

I chose to use Shopify for my relaunch as I was getting rather fed up of Etsy's increased fees and the fact that I was driving the majority of my sales traffic myself, the drive was around 90+% for my last shop!

So this is what I've been doing since March, polishing off my old coding skills, updating myself with how mailing lists work, and familiarising myself with the various steps it takes to get a stand alone web shop going....Threads has been INCREDIBLE for this. So many helpful and like minded small business owners there who have been great at giving me such brilliant advice!

...and now I wait...apparently it can take 48 hours to the changes to take effect.

It didn't help that the original AAAA on Shopify's help page were only for domains purchased through them...I only discovered the issue when my husband wondered why ApplePay wasn't showing up in my checkout options.

Anyway...I could ramble, no really I i'll stop here...

See you soon? *fingers crossed*

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